" But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. "   Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

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vision 2018



1. Consolidate the membership nationwide
2. To raise at least, one pastor for ministry
3. Improve the quality of home cells and bible studies
4. Increase spiritual standards and maturity through retreats, revivals and prayer
5. Increase tithes and offering by at least 50%
6. Train more and committed lay leaders
7. Increase awareness of missions
8. Promote evangelism and church planting which focuses on the natives
9. Promote youth participation and bring them forefront at all levels of activities
10. Opening of at least two more assemblies

May the God almighty help us through in Jesusí Name

Rev. Gordon Opoku Boakye
National Head


Dear Guest, You are welcome in the most precious Name of our Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus and to the homepage of the website of the Church of Pentecost – Switzerland.
As you go through, I pray that you experience the fellowship with Holy Spirit in a mighty dimension through, reading of articles, listening to the word of God and many more.

The Church of Pentecost Swiss, exists to bring all people everywhere to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the gospel, the planting of churches and the equipping of believers for every good and God-glorifying service.
It demonstrates the love of God through the provision of social services in partnership with governments, communities, institutions and other like-minded organizations.

The Church exists for these and many more

    1. To share the good news of God’s love, forgiveness of sin, healing and deliverance from the power of darkness, provision for today and hope for eternal life hereafter, to the diverse peoples of Switzerland irrespective of color, race, or ethnic background.
    2. To preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the spiritually lost, disciple and nurture them to be Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled, doctrinally sound and mature saints in God’s Kingdom.
    3.  To establish and maintain a friendly Cross-Cultural Christian fellowship where every member is an important integral part of the family.
    4. To worship the Lord in spirit and in truth with all kinds of musical instruments and songs that inspire the soul and spirit but are culturally sensitive to have meaning.
    5. To provide Systematic Teachings that are theologically sound and balanced.
    6. To equip all members to become responsible leaders/ministers for ministry.
    7. To offer holistic ministry to the needs of the total person (including spiritual, material, emotional, intellectual, physical and social).
    8. To mobilize material and educational resources toward the promotion of the Church’s International Missionary mandate especially in Africa and other developing countries.

    Rev. Gordon Opoku Boakye
    National Head




Zurich District Geneva District

In response to the Great Commission, and to the Glory of God, our Mission’s creed is simple:
1. Help establish churches among unreached people in the State of Zurich and beyond.
2. Strengthen existing churches through alliances and shared lessons learned.
3. Reach out to those in our immediate environs us.

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Slogan: P.C.P.
Passion, Commitment and Perseverance
We shall make it (Mark 1: 12 - 38)

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